Friday, February 02, 2007

The Wren Cross - a serenity that shines beyond the actions of man

The night was February 1, 2007; the setting was the Wren Chapel at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The setting earlier in our history - our cultural memory - when leaders such as Peyton Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and others threw off the shackles of tyranny.

In the drizzling rain and cold, on February 1, 2007, students and alumni held a prayer vigil for that most humble symbol of inclusion and tolerance - the modest Wren Cross. Being ill, I was unable to attend the historical debate that took place last night within the Wren Chapel, a debate defending the Wren Cross. I was only able to see a brief segment of the debate on a local TV news show.

What struck me was the simplicity of the Wren Cross set in its true place - its just place - behind the altar in the Wren Chapel, the arms of the simple, unadorned cross open, welcoming to all who enter there.

What lifted my spirits and gave my heart hope for America's future were the words of the students and alumni interviewed. Their names were not given but the valor seen on their faces shown through on that cold, rainy night - the valor for freedom for religion and for religious discourse in the public square. Their faces seemed to glow with a clarity and honesty I find hopeful.

Through the students and alumni who have worked so unfailingly in the spirit of integrity, hope, tolerance, and love embodied in the small, unassuming, inornate Wren Cross, we can all feel the humility and the integrity of our Founding Fathers - calling from beyond the grave, "Ye have done well, ye faithful stewards of our American ideals, our American heritage."

The students and the alumni of the College of William and Mary have met tyranny head on, have stepped into some very big shoes of our ancestors, and the students and alumni have not been found wanting.

I can almost imagine a slight smile play behind the lips of Thomas Jefferson as he nods his head to Washington and others, "We have taught them well to fight - as we did - the tyranny of their times."

To the students and the alumni who work still for the Save the Wren Cross effort, "Never weaken; and never give up!"

The blood of our ancestors flows through your veins. Let your hearts beat and your words speak for principle, for valor, for integrity, and let yours be the effort that drives the stake into the heart of that most vile and most divisive "instrument" of our times - political correctness.

We are Americans; as Americans - Hindu, Baptist, et al - we must stand together or surely those with their socialist ACLU agenda will tear us asunder. Let us show that we - Americans - are made of sterner stuff; we will not bow to intolerance in the guise of "political correctness" and under the code word "diversity". We are Americans not hyphens.

The fight for the Wren Cross is the fight for religious tolerance. All of you in the Wren Chapel last night have moved into the pages of history. We still can have free and open discourse - and the humble cross, in this case the accused, was allowed to face its accusors. None can argue at the volume spoken by its silent simplicity.

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Beach Girl said...

Hi Karla and Vince,

I tried to use the blog comment function but for some reason couldn't get a comment sent. Would one of you please forward this to Beach Girl? 


Dear Beach Girl,     Re:  The Wren Cross - a serenity that shines beyond the actions of man

I am in awe of the beauty of your posting. Although I wanted to be inside to experience the debate I felt it more important that the few seats were occupied by students of the College. It was, however, my privilege to be outside with about 30 who participated in the Candlelight Vigil. There was such a sense of purpose and warm camaraderie. Your posting is the icing on the cake. What a blessing the evening was.

My prayers continue for you and all who are involved in stopping the decades long activities to strip all symbols of God and Christianity from every possible venue. They do not have a limit line that they won't cross. The enemies of God, Christ, and the Church will not stop until they have completed a secularist cleansing.

It is my belief that I will see the beginning of the restoration of Almighty God's sovereignty over America. The restoration of the Wren Cross may well be part of that movement of God. What He began here in America is a great work that will be completed!

To the Cross of Christ,
Del Curtis